July 2019

Perhaps you are wisely doing some supported Downward Facing Dogs to help you get thru these Dog Days of Summer! Our Pitta dosha (think fiery energy) is aggravated by excess heat and we want to calm and quiet the nervous system thru more cooling poses, such as a supported Dog Pose, gentle Twists, Forward Bends and supported Inversions. Our summers are getting hotter and that’s not “fake news!” It was 113 in France recently. No longer can we say we are in the midst of Climate Change – we are full on into Climate Crisis. I believe we must do all we can individually and collectively to save our planet. Our lifestyle is at risk and may change drastically as early as the next 5-10 years, not to mention the future suffering of our children and grandchildren. If you’ve done any reading from the top scientists, you know how dire the situation is.

John and I spent two and half glorious weeks in June driving around the Scottish Highlands (Isle of Skye is magnificent) and then on to Ireland and the Ring of Kerry and the Dingle Peninsula. All were fabulous! It is amazing to see how these countries are so far beyond the US ecologically on many levels. We especially loved the openness and friendliness of the people, eating at many of the local pubs and striking up conversations with our neighbors at the next table. Getting used to driving on the left side of the road was challenging. After taking out the left passenger mirror two hours into our first rental car, I did quite well the rest of the trip! Many of the roads are “one track” which means one lane, with no shoulders and prayers that big lorries and tourist buses don’t show up! All makes for a more exciting adventure!

On the Yoga front, I have just updated my website with both Maria Hamburger’s and my trip to Jamaica, February 1-8, 2020 (Click here for brochure and registration form), and my Meditation and Yoga Retreat, December 6-8, 2019. It is at Hallowood Retreat Center, less than an hour from the DC metropolitan area. The flyer with info and registration form is here. I am excited about giving a weekend workshop with the emphasis on learning or deepening one’s meditation practice, as it is an invaluable resource in these days of unrest.

We have one space left for Italy, October 14-22 of this year. This would be for a woman sharing a beautiful spacious room with another female student who would love a roommate. No more singles available unfortunately. All information for Italy is here.

Wishing each of you a playful and joy filled rest of your summer. Safe travels wherever you venture and adventure, and may your days be filled with love and compassion for yourself and all beings everywhere.

Namaste, Suzie

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