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Sat Jan 27, 2018
to Sat Feb 3, 2018
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Coral Seas Resort, Negril, Jamaica
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FEB. 2-FEB. 9, 2019

Save the 2019 dates NOW!!

Join Maria Hamburger and me for our fourth Yoga Vacation on the cliffs of Negril at Coral Seas Resort!    

Click on the Brochure for all information and Registration Form.  First come, first serve for the room you want.





Sun Apr 15, 2018
to Wed Apr 18, 2018
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Kripalu Center for Holistic Health, Lenox, MA.
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The Divine Feminine Arises: Cultivating Courage & Compassion

 with Betsey Downing and Suzie Hurley

April 15-18, 2018

For women over 45 with minimum six months of yoga experience.

Yoga can be a doorway to access a whole new way of being as you move into this powerful time of life.  Filled with vitality and significance, tap into your courage and compassion, and step into your full spiritual presence.  Come together with other spirited women to explore the issues of our time through a spiritual lens.

Betsey and Suzie teach yoga with refined alignment cues, guiding you into poses safely and effectively.  Embrace your transformation and have fun as you:

Practice a full range of poses

Learn meditation techniques to calm the mind

Trust your intuition and wisdom

Experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation

Learn therapeutic techniques specific for your body

Give yourself the gift of Yoga, meditation, pranayama, and deep relaxation so you return home uplifted, empowered and inspired.

Join Suzie & Betsey as we use yoga poses, meditation, pranayama, and discussions to uplift, empower, and inspire each other to our greatness and authenticity.

Betsey and Suzie together have more than 69 years experience teaching yoga with refined alignment cues from the broad perspective of yoga’s depth. Both teach in an open-hearted yet challenging way that guides students to embrace their own transformation.

Students will:

  • Practice a full range of poses

  • Learn techniques of meditation to calm the monkey mind!

  • Be empowered to trust their intuition and wisdom

  • Experience rejuvenation and inspiration from the group

  • Learn therapeutic applications for physical issues

Please have 6 months study of yoga; some alignment-based experience helpful.

To register, call Kripalu Center at 1-800-741-7353 or 413-448-3400





Tue Aug 21, 2018
4:00 pm
 -  10:00 am
to Sun Aug 26, 2018
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Trinity Center, Salt Path, NC
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We Were Made for these Times:  

          The Divine Feminine Arises

Join Suzie & Betsey for a 5 day retreat incorporating yoga, meditation and pranayama to bring forth the best within yourself to serve our Emerging Future. betsy_suzie_tblr

We live in unprecedented and tumultuous times! We are in the midst of a historic shift in consciousness. The old is dying and the new is being birthed. We are part of this and have a once in a lifetime opportunity to embrace a planetary transformation. The world is crying out for spiritually and emotionally mature individuals to stand up and speak up from their full Presence as the embodied Divine Feminine and fight for the heart of what matters.

Join us for five days of great yoga, quieting practices to restore and renew our energy, lively and profound discussions, and learn how each of us can contribute to this new planetary paradigm shift.

The Dalai Lama said at the Vancouver Peace Summit in 2009:  "The World will be saved by the Western Woman"


Brochure and Registration form here:  (we do need your deposit no later than the second week in March!)

2018 SWR Brochure

Trinity Center, Salter Path, NC, 28575  (on the ocean!) for more information.